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Montana Metal Products is an established Precision Sheet Metal Fabricator, CNC Machining, Metal Finishing and Value-Added Manufacturer located in Des Plaines, Illinois, just minutes from Chicago’s O’Hare airport.  Founded in 1957 on Montana Street in Chicago, the company currently operates in a 100,000 square foot facility and employs over 100 people.  Montana Metal Products is an approved supplier for Commercial Aerospace, Military and Defense, Medical and other industries that demand the highest quality parts.  The company's strength is the manufacture of custom close tolerance component fabrication in all alloys, CNC vertical and horizontal milling, turning, metal finishing, design assistance and processing from inception to prototype to full production.  Montana Metal Products is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D, has NADCAP approval for Chemical Processing and Welding, and has earned "Top Supplier" awards from many of its major customers.

Montana Metal Products was acquired by The Mifsud Group, a privately held organization that owns and operates specialty manufacturing companies that provide value-added products utilizing proprietary technologies and processes. To learn more about The Mifsud Group, click here

   AIA Aerospace Industries AssociationNSF Registered to AS9100ITAR Registered M22962   
Metal Fabrication and Joining

Our Capabilities

MMP's purpose is to provide parts that meet the exacting requirements of our various customers. Our years of investment in technology and process improvement have allowed us to become a world-leader in the manufacture of close tolerance sheet metal fabrication, welding and joining of numerous allows. With mil-spec certified spot welders, we are prepared to join various metals, including aluminum, test the welds and document the results to support the rigorous quality standards of ours and our customers. In addition, we support this fabrication with advanced laser cutting systems featuring shuttle tables for superior material handling and auto focus features to automatically recognize and adjust to varying material thicknesses. Finally, we utilize numerous Amada turrets to ensure we have the punching capacity necessary to support any level of demand.
To support the expanding needs of our customers, and to expand the ways in which we can assist them, we have added a robust machining center, comprised of some of the most advanced equipment available. With over 25 individual machining centers, some featuring pallet changes and bar feeders, MMP is prepared to support our customers, specifically focusing on the complex and close tolerance parts as small as .25" in diameter up to 8" in diameter.
Metal Finishing
In combination with our Metal Fabrication and Machining, MMP possesses a premier powder coating facilities. This paint line allows for high-quality painting of parts up to 12' x 3.5' x 5' and ensures that the parts our customers want can move from start to finish inside the walls of MMP. In addition, we have developed the outside resources required to support various types of finishing that meet the quality standards required. Combined with our internal silk screen capabilities, your parts can be finished to you exact specifications.
Value-Added Services
With the robust capabilities of MMP, we believe our customers are looking for a complete production solution. With this in mind, we offer final assembly of many of the products our customers' request. From mechanical and electrical assembly, to simple and complex parts, we can provide a tested and fully assemble part to our customer. With the logistical ability to manage Kanban systems, other lean inventory concepts and drop-shipping, we can provide our customers a complete and economical solution.

Our Values

Working Together.
Committing ourselves to excellence.
Treating our customers and each other with respect.

These are the principles at our core and the foundation upon which the following values were established.

  1. Nothing relates to the success of a company more than the quality of its people. If they are competent, motivated and work together toward a shared vision, success will follow. Opportunities will arise. Growth and advancement will flourish. In other words, the people are the company.
  2. Because the world is continually changing, we must change with it through continuous education and learning. By subscribing to a philosophy of learning for life, our employees will not only become more productive workers, they will become better, more well-rounded people.
  3. We're all in this endeavor together. We will be judged on our collective efforts. Therefore, it is both necessary and wise to work together in an atmosphere of mutual respect and teamwork.
  4. We're part of the community, and it's important for us to be good corporate citizens. That means obeying all of the laws which govern our society, managing safe and clean workplaces, and giving back to the communities where our people live and our businesses operate.
  5. Trust is the cornerstone of all relationships. The best way to build trust is through uncompromising professional and ethical conduct. It is our responsibility, as an organization and as individuals belonging to that organization, to see to it that we never waiver from that which instills loyalty, strengthens bonds and leads to respect.
  6. We want our customers to count on us. They will if we honor our commitments, deliver what is promised, meet deadlines and provide superior products. Our products and services will be first-class.
  7. Staying on the leading edge of technology is vital to maintaining a competitive edge. We are driven by new ideas, new ways of doing things, and breakthrough technologies. For this reason, we must strategically direct our efforts, research and development so that they lead to products and services that are unique and technically superior in the marketplace.
  8. Each of us is in the communications industry. We listen. We create. We learn. We share. It's a cycle. And how well we perform the cycle determines how far and how fast we progress. Our philosophy: ideas and information are most powerful when exchanged openly and freely. With an open mind and an open line of communication, anything is possible.
  9. Profitability is essential to our existence. It is the foundation upon which our corporate values and vision rest. Profit equals growth. Profit secures our future and allows us to achieve our personal, professional and financial goals. It is the means to our end.
Montana Metal Products was recently acquired by The Mifsud Group, a privately held organization that owns and operates specialty manufacturing companies that provide value-added products utilizing proprietary technologies and processes. To learn more about The Mifsud Group, click here

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